WA Web Plus

Add more tools and options for WhatsApp Web for more privacy and reliability.

Dear users:
Be careful about using any apps that are very similar to our app, some parties are marketing a cloned fake copy of "WA Web Plus" under several different names that could violate your WhatsApp or browser's privacy.
Never use any prepacked extensions that sellers provide you as "zipped" files, only download Chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store, the only genuine version of WA Web Plus can be found in the Chrome Store on this link. If you found any similar fake products, please report them to us on contact@elbruz.net.

🎉 New Updates 🎊

version 3.2.1 November 14th, 2019

Privacy Features

  • Blur recent messages
  • Blur contacts names
  • Blur contacts photos
  • Blur conversation messages
  • Restore deleted messages (How does it work?)


  • Message reactions, enjoy Facebook reactions in your WhatsApp conversations NEW
  • Update your WhatsApp status directly from the web!
  • One-click send thumbs up emoji (Like) (How does it work?)
  • Directly show contact status beside their name (How does it work?)
  • Highlight online contacts
  • Notify about online contacts
  • Keep contact info sidebar open
  • Freeze chat list on message submission NEW
  • Start chat with any phone number that is not on your contact list (How does it work?)
  • Custom background images! (How does it work?)
  • Fully customizable Night Mode. UPDATED


  • Sending messages to hundreds of contacts at the same time
  • Attach files with your messages
  • Import target contacts from Excel or CSV file, or copy from Notepad
  • Multiple message templates
  • More customizable targets
  • Custom automatic replies UPDATED


  • Export all contacts list
  • Export only personal accounts
  • Export only business accounts
  • Export only phone contacts
  • Export only non-phone contacts
  • Export only groups
  • Export contacts with a specific label
  • Export contacts from a specific group
  • Export contacts from a specific country
  • Export in multiple formats (XLSX, CSV, TXT)


  • General statistics about contacts, chats and groups count


  • 3.2.1
    • Added reactions, enjoy Facebook reactions in your WhatsApp conversations!
    • Added reply delay for automatic replies
    • Added ability to freeze chat list on message submission
    • Added date and time to exported contacts files
    • Extended automatic replies limit to 50
    • Fixed extension design conflict with another WhatsApp extension
    • Fixed design issues disabling ability to delete auto replies
    • Fixed a bug that caused auto replies to be sent several times at once
    • Fixed a bug preventing to blur contact names in groups
    • Updated night mode to latest version (Emoji Fix)
  • 3.2.0
    • Added ability to rotate several bulk messages to decrease the banning risk
    • Added ability to exclude groups from auto replies
    • Added ability to fully match the keyword before auto replying
    • Added ability to quote the sender’s message when auto replying
    • Added ability to include dynamic variables when auto replying
    • Added more separate duration values for bulk messaging
    • Added shortcut to chat with yourself to save personal notes
    • Maximized the limit of the free deleted messages restorations to 20
    • Fixed style issues in light and dark modes
    • Fixed currency typo in purchasing popups
    • Fixed a bug when deleting a message template
    • Fixed a bug when choosing wrong separation duration values
    • Fixed a bug in the design for RTL users that prevented users from using the app
  • 3.1.9
    • Fixed an issue when logging out or switching between WhatsApp Web instances.
    • Fixed Export tabs dropdown style issues
    • Fixed listing labels in the dropdown box within the Export tab
    • Fixed bulk sending issues when targeting labels and countries

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Last Update on October 21st, 2019

How to restore deleted messages?

For this feature to work, you have to be using WhatsApp Web on Chrome, and you have to be Online when the message is received. If a contact deletes his message, hover over that message to see the original content.
This feature works only if the messages are deleted while a WhatsApp Web tab is open. It does not work on your own messages, and only supports text messages.

How to set the chat wallpaper image?

Simply use any image hosting website like https://imgur.com or https://imggmi.com to upload your favorite image, or choose any image from Google, copy and paste the image URL to the related input, and Save.

Why phone numbers look strange when I export the list to CSV?

Excel doesn't format the phone numbers column as phone if you open the CSV file, to format the column correctly simply use these steps, or watch this video.

Your Information Privacy

Last Update on October 5th, 2019

We don't ask for your WhatsApp phone number to use the extension, neither in the free subscription, nor in the premium one.

Is the extension safe?

Chrome store extension codes are reviewed manually by Google team, if an extension is danger on user privacy, or goes against the terms of use, they would take it down immediately. Yes, It is safe.

Is my phone number exposed to the extension developers, or any third parties?

No, the extension doesn't event ask for your WhatsApp phone number no work. If you choose to join the WhatsApp support group, you will be known to everyone inside the group.

Are my conversations, or my exported contacts exposed to the extension developers, or any third parties?

No, the export features get the data from the browser memory, and saves it immediately to your computer, the data is not exposed or processed anywhere outside your computer.

If I buy a premium subscription, will my payment information be safe?

Payments on Chrome Store are processed through Google Pay (https://pay.google.com), the extension developers don't control the payment process, and cannot know your billing name or payment information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime through Google Pay (https://pay.google.com).

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