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Our ServicesOur Services

Our Software Solutions

Web Development

We have a deep experience in web development, branding websites and web applications take most of our focus.


SEO services, organic traffic, studied advertisement campaigns and marketing tricks we are ready to manage it for your business.

Mobile Apps Development

We turn your user experiences to mobile, we build awesome apps for awesome ideas.


We are skilled with creating unique, crafting and creative designs suitable for your business.

All-in-one Solutions

Developing, designing and marketing are our main services. We offer our clients the ultimate success package that meets their budget.

  • CRM/ERP, CMS and LMS solutions for all platforms
  • Native and cross-platform mobile phone applications
  • Wearable devices application development
  • Front-end and back-end reliable solutions

We’re helping our clients start their stores and sell their products online. Providing all the necessary e-commerce tools for all kind of small businesses.


Google AdWords Campaigns

Real targeted campaigns to help your business appear on top of the client’s search results.

Organic Web Traffic

Original web traffic to help potential customers easily find your business.

Search Engine Optimizations

Real SEO solutions to improve your business website’s indexing and visibility on search engines.

Brand Identity

Effective branding includes naming and trademarks, logos, color palettes, graphic themes, badges and more..

Creative Designs

Attractive landing pages, web designs, social media post designs and more..

Printable Designs

Resumes, billboard designs, brochures, menus, business cards, flyers, exhibition materials and more..

About UsAbout Us

As a name and a brand

Mount Elbruz is the highest mountain in Russia and in Europe, and the tenth most prominent peak in the world.

That’s where our team members take their ambitious values from, to always be the best, to always build the most attractive and consistent pieces of art.

Elbruz Technologies is an official software company registered under the number 164021-5 in Turkey.


Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linus Torvalds
Finnish software engineer

The most important property of a program is whether it accomplishes the intention of its user.

C.A.R. Hoare
British computer scientist

Design before development leads to dead ends.

Liz Brown

Don't try to follow trends. Create them.

Simon Zingerman


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    PHP, SQL, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5
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    Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, Framework7
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    AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS, ReactJS
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    Java, Objective-C


Happy Clients
Web Apps
Mobile Apps
Marketing Campaigns

We’re looking forward to making the internet applications more simple, accessible and between hands of every user, and to helping business starters manage and market their projects and products easily.

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Scattered Papers
Why a Website is important for your business?

Let’s face it – we live in a world where people Google before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp before they buy and “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days. Because of this, you want your first impression to be the best it can be. Beginning with your website, consumers are passing judgement and making decisions about whether or not they will even visit your store, restaurant or office. They’re likely to dismiss you entirely, as well, should they believe your website doesn’t reflect the kind of experience your business – or a business like yours – should offer.

If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow.

As a business owner, you need to know where your consumers are. But what if consumers know your business and what you can offer, but they can’t reach you? That is one of the risks you take by not having a website for your business.

What are some other benefits of having a business website?

1- Cost Effective

You know exactly how much your website is going to cost you and it’s ongoings – a brick and mortar store, on the other hand, is susceptible to many out of the ordinary occurrences which could blow out the costs such as leaving the lights on, theft, damage, extra staff etc.

A strategically developed website and online presence solution provides tremendous benefits and costing outlines.

2- Accessible around the clock

Your website and social media accounts are accessible 24/7/365. Imagine that you want to buy from a store. You put in all the effort required to go to the store, but when you get there, it’s closed. We all know how irate we feel in that situation. You’ll think twice about going back given the bad taste its left (ok might have been your fault for not checking but hey, this is proving the point here!). You will just find another store that is more easily accessible.

Since your website is operational around the clock, from the convenience of the local coffee shop, their couch or their bed, your customers and clients can easily access your website and services.

3- Convenient

What is more convenient: driving outside to look for different stores that are available to shop in, or sitting in the comfort of your own home and shopping for the products you’re looking for? Pretty obvious answer, unless you like aimlessly driving around. Smart businesses realize this and thus have their own website housing their products and services so that potential customers can browse online for the products they want to purchase.

4- Credibility

By building a website you are giving your business the opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you and the testimonials and facts to back up those opportunities. Believe it or not, most people will search the internet for a product or service before the purchase to check the credibility first. When you provide good service or product, positive word-of-mouth about your business is likely to spread. Which in turn, delivers more repeat and new business.

People tend to trust a business after they have done business with it. Using your website, you can continuously serve consumers online and increase your credibility as a business owner.

5- Sales

Without sales, or selling more than you spend, your business is doomed. By having an online presence you allow for the sale of your products or services around the clock to whoever whenever with no or hardly any limitations; Unless you run out of stock or overworked, but that’s a good problem to have right! Giving your business the online presence it deserves is crucial to your brand and accountants smile.

In short, being visible worldwide means you are very likely to gain more customers. The more customers and visitors you have, the more sales you will generate. The more sales you generate the happier you and your shareholders will be!

6- Marketing

Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. There are lots of marketing strategies you can use to advertise and market your business. All online marketing strategies have been proven to be effective. Which ones you choose depends on the type of business you are in. Speak to us to see which are best for your business.


Installing Macintosh OS X on a PC

Yes, it is possible.

A wonderful experience I’m living since 3 years with full Mac OS X features on my Dell Inspiron laptop (and thanks to my cousin). I’m not talking about a virtual system in a virtual machine software, I’m talking about a fully bootable OS as a separated installation.

In this blog, I’m not going to explain the installation steps, I will just share the idea, and lead you to the shortest setup instructions.

The most important problem users face when trying to install “Hackintosh” is the hardware compatibility, so if you are planning to buy a custom PC to install OS X, you better get the compatible hardware for that, read through the latest CustoMac Buyer’s Guide for compatibility advice. But if you want to install it on a PC you already have, give it a shot, you might be lucky to get all your hardware to work!

What do you need to start?

1- A computer already running OS X, you can get help from a friend. This is needed only at the beginning of the process to get the latest OS version from the App Store.

2- A 16GB or larger USB flash drive.

3- An SSD drive, and it is optional, but you won’t believe how much the performance enhances when using SSD instead of HDD.

When you are ready, all installation instructions to install latest MacOS on a PC are detailed in the link below:

UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC


Why SiteGround is the best hosting service?

Well, after 7 years of experience between different hosting services, I can say that SiteGround is the best, the best and the best choice for small and big businesses, and that’s why:

  1. The incredible caching system they have, and the fast CloudFlare integration, their loading time without cache is 1,7 seconds, and their loading time with cache is 1,3 seconds, while other companies load time takes more than 4,7 seconds.
  2. The powerful security, they always take care about patching security bugs in up to 48 hours after their public announcement, while other companies might take more than a month.
  3. The up-to-date services, which is something I have never found with other companies I’ve tried. For example, the new PHP 7 is the default version on SiteGround servers.
  4. The magnificent support! and that is why I love SiteGround so much, they respond to tickets in about 8 minutes! they solve issues in about 5 minutes, and they pick up on the phone immediately without any wait time!

Don’t waste your time  trying other hosting services. And let’s follow the 2 simple steps to get the most amazing hosting service ever:

Step 1. Choose your hosting plan

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount through your affiliate link.

It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan to your audience:

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

All plans include free domain registration and a one-year free SSL.

Step 2. Choosing Domain

Clients can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. This is a good place to emphasize the free website transfer, which is included for GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Step 3. Review and Complete

Unlike many other hosting providers our advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign up process. Being able to get the low price for the one year period is a fact that increases conversions greatly in comparison to other providers where the lowest monthly price applies only for the longest period. So highlighting this fact may strongly increase your conversions.